Night view of the beautiful Sanford Health building

Dedicated to Health & Healing

Sanford Health is a non-profit, integrated health system with 44 medical centers, 482 clinics and 242 senior living facilities in 26 states and nine countries.

With more than 48,600 employees in over 80 specialty areas of medicine, Sanford Health seeks to make a significant impact on health care around the globe with a commitment to improving the human condition.

Sanford Health team posing for a photo in from of the Sanford Children's hospital

A Fully Integrated Approach

In addition to leading clinical care, Sanford Health delivers a fully integrated approach to medicine with investments and expertise in global children’s clinics, research, genomics, education, fitness and wellness, and even health insurance.

We strive to provide wider access to a full continuum of care, improving lives in our local communities and around the world. Because when quality medical care wins, we all win.


Groundbreaking of new Sanford Health facilities

Yesterday: A Legacy of Giving

Sanford Health’s origins date back to 1894 as a local hospital with a big vision. Over the last century, the organization has grown into a health care leader through a legacy of transformative giving. Denny Sanford’s 2007 gift spurred the organization to form world children’s clinics, pioneer Type 1 diabetes research and propel initiatives in clinical research, genetics and more.

Mergers with MeritCare and MedCenter One Health Systems further expanded Sanford Health’s footprint into several states, bringing multiple facilities and hospital affiliations under one umbrella of health and healing.

Today: Global Impact

Today, Sanford Health maintains and builds upon its global presence with clinics across the U.S., Ghana, China, Germany and Canada. Its clinical research center is pioneering worldwide discoveries that have been recognized by the Vatican and others across the globe.

The system has also further integrated the delivery of health care by establishing its own health plan, health foundations, weight loss and wellness initiatives, and more.

Sanford Health nurse checking a patient's pulse in Ghana
Sanford Health surgeon concentrating on a procedure

Tomorrow: Transforming Health care

Sanford Health’s growth and success have always been driven by visionary thinkers who are ready to take bold steps forward. This continues with the Sanford Lorraine Cross Award – just one example of how Sanford Health is working to transform the future by supporting change-makers in medicine and research.

While one can only imagine what the next century holds for health care innovation, Sanford Health is proud to be at the forefront of it.

Following the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, South Dakota leaders established Sioux Valley Hospital (now Sanford Health) with a $10,000 start-up cost.

Sioux Valley Hospital played a role in WWII and filled critical care gaps well into the 1970s. By the 90s, the organization was named in the top 100 hospitals in America and the region’s best-performing hospital.

Transformational gifts, mergers and visionary leadership transformed Sioux Valley Health into Sanford Health, a global player in health, wellness, insurance, research and more.

Research For the Next Generation of Cures

Driven by a team of more than 200 researchers and scientists, Sanford Research is studying disease at a fundamental level to advance therapies, cures and prevention. We’re bridging bench, translational and clinical research to study cancer biology and immunotherapies, diabetes, genetics and genomics, stem cell biology, population health and more.

Inside view of the Sanford Imagenetics facility

Imagenetics: Engineering a Healthier Tomorrow

Recognizing the impact genetics has on diagnosing and treating health conditions, Sanford Imagenetics integrates genetic medicine into everyday primary care. These genetic applications mean treatments that are as individualized as you, incorporating precision medicine and pharmacogenetics into prevention and treatment plans.

Dedicated health professionals can help children all over the globe

Health & Healing Around the World

Sanford World Clinics provide primary care to children and underserved populations while specializing in regenerative medicine, diabetes research and more. Clinics are based in the U.S., China, Ghana, Germany and Canada, with expansion into more countries underway.

Foundations of Innovative Care

Sanford Health’s mission of improving the human condition can’t happen without help. The Sanford Health Foundation drives this journey of growth and innovation by partnering with passionate donors who are committed to building a stronger, healthier future. The Foundation is also home to the Edith Sanford Breast Initiative, local Children’s Miracle Network efforts and Cure Kids Cancer.