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$1,000,000 For Medicine’s Next Breakthrough

Sanford Health believes in making changes that make a difference. The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award honors someone pioneering that change with a medical breakthrough, innovation or treatment to transform global health. It starts with a $1 million prize, and it continues with a life-changing impact for us all.

Change That Matters Today

While other research awards honor retroactive discoveries or budding theories, the Sanford Lorraine Cross Award uses a sophisticated selection process to find and honor an individual who’s changing the face of medicine today. By recognizing an innovation now, we can further propel research and discovery to ensure a transformative impact will be felt as soon as possible.

Mother and child who can benefit from the next medical breakthrough
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Turning Science Into Solutions

Research means nothing if it doesn’t do something. The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award honors a breakthrough, innovation or cure that has a direct effect on global health. It’s not about theories or philosophies – it’s about finding discoveries that do something. Our international board and scientific advisory board lead the way in recognizing these action-oriented innovations.

The Lorraine Cross:
A Symbol of Healing

Sanford Lorraine Cross emblem at the top of a building

From the Crusades to Today

The Lorraine Cross is prominent in the Sanford Health logo, chosen to represent our mission of health and healing. But its meaning and rich history began long before.

The symbol was named after the French Duke of Lorraine placed it upon his banners during the Crusades in the 11th century. It was looked to as a sign of protection and safety, then transformed into a central symbol in the fight against disease in the early 1900s.

A Carefully Crafted Honor

The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award trophy was constructed to pay tribute to the symbol’s centuries-long legacy.
A granite Lorraine Cross stands atop the award as a beacon of health, healing and protection.

The Lorraine Cross represents perseverance for the greater good, like medical pioneer Dr. Maurice Hilleman, creator of vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, chickenpox, measles and more.

Sanford Health carries the Lorraine Cross mantle today, a symbol of our tireless commitment to the work of health and healing.

Sanford Health researchers were invited to Vatican City to receive the Pontifical Key Innovation Award, honoring strides in medical ingenuity.

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