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A Unique Approach to Identifying Innovations

The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award is unlike any other, awarding medical leaders pioneering new innovations.

To find these pioneers, we needed a selection process all its own. The unprecedented rigor of this system will pinpoint areas of medical innovation along with identifying and vetting leaders in five stages to ensure nominees have the most promising potential to transform health care.

Each step involves scientific methods, techniques and tools, along with leaning on the expertise of medical leaders in several areas to find those who have pushed boundaries and overcome obstacles.

Unprecedented, Data-Driven Selection

A data-driven, evidence-based approach starts the selection process, gathering scientific information and funneling it through a systematic evaluation.

Sanford Health has developed and validated an algorithmic system to help collect this data and identify innovations early in the process.

Seven measures will be evaluated together to reveal patterns in research and technology that are happening now. Each pattern will be analyzed against criteria to determine large-scale potential for global health impact.

Lab equipment at a Sanford Health facility
Dr. Robin L. Smith providing expert opinions

Expert, Worldwide Opinions

We know that in determining the next medical breakthrough, data isn’t enough. We also need the expertise and guidance of visionary medical leaders to light the way.

Sanford Health works with individuals throughout the selection process with expertise in several areas to judge different attributes and discovery areas in a structured manner. These experts are pioneers themselves, leading the way in several areas of medical innovation and research. Through point allocation and thorough discussion, together we determine nominees and ultimately the winner who embodies the spirit of the Sanford Lorraine Cross Award.

Selection Stages

Data center capable of sophisticated algorithms and analyses

Stage 1

Analyze Early Signals

A sophisticated algorithm and clustering analysis help identify emerging medical innovations.

Scientific experts gathering for a workshop and seminar

Stage 2

Engage the Experts

Scientific experts review the early signals analysis to pinpoint the most promising innovation topics.

Sanford International Board meeting around a conference table

Stage 3

Identify the Nominees

From selected topic areas, a group of potential nominees are identified who embody the spirit of the Award.

Scientific Advisory Board selecting Lorraine Cross Award nominees

Stage 4

Select Three Finalists

An esteemed Scientific Advisory Board considers the leading candidates and selects three nominee finalists for consideration.

The Sanford Lorraine Cross award being made from stone

Stage 5

Award the Winner

The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award’s inaugural winner will be selected by the Sanford International Board.